Thursday, February 5, 2009

Your opinions and thoughts

My experiment with surveys continues. I have just closed this one, but the second survey and third survey are both still open. Yes, I have studied statistics and I realize that the amount of people polled here is not sufficient the selection process not random. So, these polls are just for fun.

That said, a majority of respondents:

• Think kindness is more important than honesty.
• Think investigation of serious crimes by the Bush Administration is either important or very important.
• Think the global recession will continue through the end of next year.
• Favor snowball fights at Davos.
• Have not read a single book by John Updike.

This population seems absolutely equally divided about the aura of President Obama. (blue, red, purple, or orange)

A minority knows how much the national debt comes to if divided per capita. ($37,000 is the right figure.)

And more than 70 percent of respondents are optimistic about the next four years.

Keep hope alive!