Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The great American media!

I am watching the news on TV in the USA. Andrea Mitchell Reports - an afternoon program on MSNBC. How can she seriously and snidely be commenting on the issues of the economy, when she is married to Alan Greenspan, the former chairman of the Federal Reserve? Not surprisingly, she has so far spoken to five Republicans and one Democrat. Why don't we just call these mainstream media "Republican?" There is no attempt at balance - and no attempt to be honest about her conflict of interest.

Now - she is talking to Orin Hatch, Republican senator from Utah? He says most economists are skeptical of the stimulus package. Not one of his partisan statements is questioned or challenged. She just offers free airtime to Republican propaganda. Outrageous!


Ani said...

Ain't it grand? "Fair and balanced" on MSNBC means Andrea in the afternoon and Chris Matthews at night; let's not even mention Fox. What really irritates me is the self-congratulatory "great job!" after every single report, whether competent or not.

I'm pretty convinced the television is about 10 years away at most from dying.

Steve Morozumi said...

just because Greenspan along with Bernanke helped Wall Street to over leverage the system into an approximate 1200 trillion dollar deficit over the last 7 to 15 years doesn't mean she can't talk about it. hahaha! yeah, she's not the brightest light bulb on the X-mas tree. she should stick to covering the intelligence community and let us know what's going on in the middle east.

-Steve @ fluxlife

Anonymous said...

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