Friday, February 6, 2009

New and improved page for glasnost group

A colleague recently sent me a link to the new web page for the Glasnost Defense Foundation. This is an organization that has been trying to protect the rights & lives of journalists in Russia since 1999. I was working with the group this fall, helping it set up a training program. The people in the organization are wonderfully dedicated, working under challenges that most Western journalists can only imagine.

I was very pleased to see the new training program advertised on the web page, and pleased to see the revamped site. It's a big improvement. For one thing, it isn't riddled with computer worms and viruses. Yet. I believe the new site will also be a target for hackers who object to the GDF's mission of protecting free speech.

On a completely different subject, if you're interested in sharing your thoughts on the current budget battle in the USA, click here. If you want instant gratification, you can check out the results of the survey here.)