Thursday, February 12, 2009

Who killed the general?

The headline asks the obvious question.

Who killed the general?

The general in question is General-Lieutenant Rail Rzayev, who commanded the country's air force before being gunned down while getting into his car yesterday morning. His chauffeur, who was in the car at the time, was uninjured.

Not surprisingly, the murder is leading to some serious questions about power struggles within the government. Just because the government is not democratic doesn't mean that it is monolithic. Individual ministries have their own centers of power and compete with one another for influence and resources. Also, the people commanding the different ministries also have different financial interests. The murder could also be the result of some sort of business conflict involved with these financial interests.

The speculation about the assassination is heightened because it comes just a little more than a month before a referendum is to be held that would remove term limits on the president. The murdered general was perceived by many as an ally of the president, responsible for ensuring presidential security.

It is not only democrats who would have a reason for opposing this measure. Anyone who is hoping for a chance at the presidency would also have a reason to oppose this measure.

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