Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Wolf Moon

So, I caught the little news snippet about the moon yesterday and at sunset, I went out to see if the moonrise was really going to be that impressive. I have seen some impressive moonrises here - the full moon large and golden rising over the Caspian Sea. But last night was not one of those times. Yes, it was a full moon - but the moon did not look all that special as it floated serenely above the docks. Nonetheless, I photographed it. And the Wolf Moon was a nice excuse for a stroll at sunset.

Of course, the moon occupies a special place in people's psyches. This morning, while looking for the original news item that prompted my stroll to the docks, I came across this little commentary attached to a news article that someone had chosen to "digg."

"The US George HW Bush Aircraft Carrier is being Commissioned today under the Wolf Moon, illuminated with 1000 Points of Light. Symbolic Timing? Will a special event happen in regards to Israel, Gaza & Iran this Sabbath, on the Historic Eve of 1-11-9, 11 days before Obama is scheduled to take office? A Preemptive Strike on Iran Nuclear Program?"

Hmm. I'll guess I'll have to turn on the news this morning and find out.

In any case, the sun rose yesterday, the sun set. And the moon rose. Here is photographic evidence of these events.