Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Solid evidence of political shift in US

The accompanying map shows party strength by state for 2008, ranging from states that can be considered solidly Democratic (a Democratic advantage in party identification of 10 percentage points or more) to those that can be considered solidly Republican (a Republican advantage in party identification of 10 percentage points or more). This shift has been discussed for awhile, but this is most comprehensive treatment I've seen of the subject so far.

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Ani said...

Looking at the map, the U.S. could be a solidly blue country by giving the vote to elk, bison, grizzlies, and polar bears, and letting Mormon Utah be its own country like it's always wanted to be...

Eric said...

You do make an assumption about the political sympathies of the elk, bison, etc. Just because the Democrats are more likely to vote pro-environment, doesn't mean that those creatures would vote in their own self-interest.
Perhaps it's a subject for future poll question.

Ani said...

You only have the convince their top guys, and the rest will vote with the herd...pretty fair description of Utah, too! :)

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