Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The People vs. Dick Cheney

A sort of disturbing article. Is justice possible?

I found this paragraph particularly depressing:

"Perhaps the biggest question, though, is one of political will given that Americans, it seems, really aren't that upset about what has happened. A recent University of Maryland poll found that tolerance for torture of suspected terrorists has actually risen in recent years, from 36 percent in 2006 to 44 percent last June."

Yes, Obama won by a landslide in '08, but US public opposition to an illegal war and the abridgment of civil liberties during the Bush years was weak at best.What has the USA become?

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KJC said...

How do you define an illegal vs a legal war? Legalities in this case are inconsequential.

Clausewitz was correct that war is an extension of politics. The decision to go to war should be based solely on furthering national interests.

History will judge if the national interest was furthered by the invasion of Iraq. History.

DancingFool said...

Cheny's Haliburton made millions off U.S. taxpayers--millions in untendered contracts in order to wage war on a country that had nothing to do 9/11.

Waiting for 'history' to made the call as to whether it was legal for Cheny to have lied and present fabricated documents in order to needlessly slaughter thousands of Iraqi women and children is akin to handing him a "get out of jail" free pass.

If Cheny had nothing to hide...he would welcome a public trial with open arms as it is his chance to finally put all doubts to rest.

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