Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Lenkoran Market

Note: this is just the food part of the market. There is an adjacent section where clothes, hardware and everything else is sold.


Ani said...

It's great to watch your videos, it's really like being there.

Just wondering though, did you have everybody sign permission slips before or after the video....

Eric said...

Actually - I did have trouble filming in the adjacent part of the market. The part selling clothes, hardware and other items. A guy took my camera, and I needed to delete everything in order to get it back.

(The guy did ask whether I had received permission statements from everybody.)

A small crowd gathered, and they were asking what government sent me.

I thought about it afterward. The hard goods area was much more likely to selling in areas that were at least "gray." Copyright infringement. Pirating. Etc. So - perhaps that's why the response was much more hostile.

So, you won't see pictures of that part of the market. In fact, I don't think I'll be returning there - camera or no - soon.

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