Tuesday, January 27, 2009

New poll

My first attempt at polling didn't do too badly. Thirty four respondents in less than 24 hours. Not exactly scientific results and I think I could have crafted at least one of the questions better. One person remarked that it wasn't challenging enough - so I'll try to fix that in future polls here. You can read the results of that first poll by clicking on this link. If you have an additional 30 seconds to take another poll, please check out this one. It's a little more quirky.


fluxlife said...

i'm reposting my previous comment from the original post:

"great survey! i just took it! very easy to take. the interface has good color and feel to it, so it makes it a pleasure to use.

that's genius! if you haven't, you should repost the link to the survey as a P.S. to your subsequent posts until you have enough surveys.

anyway, those are my thoughts on that. take 'em or leave 'em as you see fit, of course."
--end of previous comment

my guess is that you'll need about a week to get a sample size of about 100 or more. so post your survey initially, let your readers know you'll be reposting the link in subsequent posts for a week, and then you should achieve n>=100.

also, there is a balance between ease of use and challenge to encourage more users. typically, if something is too challenging or too difficult to use, you'll tend to get a lower volume of users.

you need to give your end users more time in order to accumulate a decent sample size. it is not a matter of making it more challenging. most people don't want to fill out a survey to begin with. get 'em in and out as quickly as possible with the least hassle, and that leads to high usability.

the survey you created, that i took was nearly flawless for ease of use. you just need to give it more time to reach a population size of n>=100.

again, take what you want, and leave the rest. i hope i didn't offend. i feel like i got over opinionated there. wow. :/

-Steve @ fluxlife

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