Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Trying to be an American

I really try to be an American. Within reason, of course. I don't patronize McDonald's. Or listen to country music. Or vote Republican. Or go to a conventional church. Or say the Pledge of Allegiance. Or shop at Wal-Mart. But - this is the country where I grew up, so I feel like I should feel more identity with it. But so often I am slapped in the face with the fact that I am a misfit here

These latest feelings come after reading another Rasmussen Poll. I really should cut these polls from my reading list, because they are depressing and I think they are slanted to the right. I noticed today that one of their guest columnists was Dick Morris, the infamous former advisor of Bill Clinton.

This poll claims that only 37 percent of US residents recognize that their country was dismissive and arrogant toward Europe. I read this poll after watching a little snippet on CNBC on the same issue, referencing President Obama's recent overtures to Europe and the Muslim world. Apparently, a majority of US residents don't recognize arrogance or think that it's a good thing. The woman on the TV screen, a Republican "consultant," of course, was opining that the US had nothing to apologize for because, after all, it is the world's super-power. Have these people been paying attention? In what universe do they live? I suppose it's the universe where US soldiers were warmly greeted by the grateful residents of Baghdad. I suppose it's the universe that does not contain problems such as global warming, problems that require cooperation, not arrogance.