Thursday, April 2, 2009

I've stopped rolling

I can't say - I'm home - because where I live doesn't really feel like home. I have barely resided in this place for two weeks. And - I'm uncertain if I'll be residing here come June. But - last night I completed my trip through New England, rolling into North Carolina about nine p.m.

I'd hoped to post more poetry and art work from my hosts along the way - but this plan just didn't work out. It's easy enough to check out the work of my friend Seth, , with whom I stayed for the last couple of days on my trip. I'll also include a picture of some of the deer that hang out by his house in rural Pennsylvania.

Because I will be less mobile in the weeks ahead, I suspect that this blog might become more of an ongoing commentary of what will be my dominant concern for the coming year - my doctoral dissertation on the political impact of media ownership consolidation.

Traveling is more fun that writing a doctoral dissertation - but it doesn't yield much of a regular salary. (Of course - a Ph.D. doesn't come with any guarantees either!)

Here are a few photos from the trip.