Tuesday, March 10, 2009

On the road

After about four days of traveling, I am finally getting around to writing here. Too much running around. Too many unpleasant and time-consuming tasks.

Assessing the state of my poor automobile, which has rested in a garage for the better part of a year in a couple of garages.

Reviving the dead battery. Trying to change the flat tire.

Determining that the frame is too rusted to support the car's weight on a jack.

Shopping for a new car.

None of this is fun - nor even that interesting for me. But - I decided to start making the most of the trip - chronicling it as best I can. I'll start posting some some of the photos from the last few days - perhaps interesting for people who have never traveled this stretch. I'll also include some other snippets of creative info that I come across from time to time.

(Here is a shot of the Blue Ridge Mountain Range, looking from North Carolina into Tennessee.)


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Ani said...

So, you settled for something modest, like a Hummer?...

Eric said...

Hmm. Yes, you know how useful those vehicles are - protecting me from flak as I drive the dangerous streets of Binghamton, NY.

No, I'm going for a Honda. The first car I bought was a Honda Civic - '78 model. I'm going now for a 2000 model. Not cheap - but not too expensive & Honda's are dependable in general.

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