Thursday, March 12, 2009

Cafe life

The Cyber Cafe West was one of my haunts when I lived in Binghamton. I walked in this week - and it was almost like I’d never left. Some minor renovations have been made. A security camera now watches the counter. I think some new art has been hung on the wall. But the place still retains its funky tie-dyed ambience. And the people behind the counter still recognized me.

They told me the cafe has been doing pretty well. Its business seems pretty resistant to the economic downturn. It’s a place where people can retreat to drink coffee while they surf the net looking for work.

The office of The Bridge, the newspaper I used to edit, is no longer located in the cafe. We used to have an office upstairs, but it’s since moved. The paper still is published, but not as regularly as when I was editing it. Running a non-profit, low-budget newspaper is very difficult, even in the best of times.