Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Protestors may no longer be sleeping in Zuccotti Park, but they have not left the city. This morning, I heard the helicopter first. I gave it no thought. A traffic helicopter, I thought. Then, I heard faint chants - the "hey, hey...." rhythm. Something has got to go. That's the way the ubiquitous chant goes. I opened the window - and sure enough, the protestors were down the street protesting at the Credit Suisse building. I decided to get my laundry chore done & investigate the scene on my errand. The protestors, it turned out, were objecting to the 17th Annual Aerospace & Defense Financing Conference being held in the building. As a hand-out put it: "The CEOs of 30 A&D corporations are pitching business investment plans to Wall Street executives. Pentagon speakers will assure CEOs and investors that budgets will be cut for the 99% but that profits will continue for the military-industrial complex and the 1%." In other protest news, the students at Baruch College rallied again on Monday. Here's the video I made of that event.

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