Thursday, July 22, 2010

Wonderful example of florid nationalistic blather

A friend recently brought this post to my attention. Wonderful! I will use it an example of how not to write. Unfortunately, when I was teaching in Azerbaijan, too often I saw examples of exactly this type.
Azerbaijan as a new intellectual center of global thinking


Ani said...

Well, actually it's a fine example of writing if you are a snake-oil salesman, or if you are posing as the Wizard of Oz, or if you have a Potemkin Village you'd like people to come visit and spend lots of money in (just stay within the suggested areas).

And look! A new shopping center, personally opened by the President and his family...

By the way, there are many Armenian examples of this writing style as well, but less available money to make the fantasy as convincing. Sadly, pretence all too often substitutes for reality throughout the Caucasus and Eurasia.

Anonymous said...

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