Monday, August 3, 2009

ДДТ и Юрий Шевчук- Когда Закончится Нефть

Онень смешная песня. (Спасибо, Али!) Да, он прав. Когда закончится нефть, мир станет лучше. Я просто надеюсь что мы переживём до этой эпохи.

When the oil runs out, you will be with me again. When you gas runs out, you will return to me.

Yes, all these good things will happen - when the oil and gas run out. Until then.....

Funny and pointed little song. Such petrochemical wealth is a very mixed blessing. I think many people understand this instinctively. The mineral wealth most often fosters corruption, not sustainable development. And yet, to ignore these riches is impossible.


Ani said...

Here's the Wikipedia entry about the phenomenon, with some bibliography (though not directly referencing Azerbaijan, forgotten as is usual with anything in the Caucasus):


Sorry for flooding your blog with comments, Eric, but do you recall my post about living in the city of winds?

I'd propose to write following sequels: "When gas runs out"
"When winds stop blowing"
"When sun stops shining"


Also listen to this very subtle hints by DDT and Shevchuk - "Being guest at a FSB general's"

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