Saturday, December 13, 2008

on the road again

Istanbul airport is one of the more pleasant airports I pass through from time to time. Pleasant - but of course not cheap.

At the moment - I write from this airport - with a free wireless connection. (In most airports I've been in - if it's available at all - it's no free.) I'm on my way back to the States for a few weeks. So my reporting from Azerbaijan will take a hiatus of a few weeks.

Now - back to that $6 glass of Perrier!


Ani said...

Hope you have/had a safe trip back, Eric! On your "down" time, maybe you can stop by to see what people on the other side of the border are talking about.

Eric said...

I love the article about Putin's mother! Very quirky.

Ani said...

The False Dimitri
Vera Putina

In Russia, the names change but the plot lines stay the same...

Thanks for stopping by!

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