Wednesday, November 5, 2008

For Many Abroad, an Ideal Renewed

It is hard to overstate how fervently vast stretches of the globe wanted the election to turn out as it did.

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Ani said...

Well, a great day, no doubt about it!

But what's up with Medvedev? That speech seems oddly tone-deaf and out of sync with the moment, which the rest of the world wanted to celebrate. It doesn't speak well for Russia's image to be making bellicose and anti-democratic statements exactly at the same time that America is trying to repair its image.

Eric said...

One commentator I read notes that in one way McCain could be preferable for the Kremlin. That is, preferable to the hard liners in the Kremlin. It's more difficult to cast the US as a bogeyman if Obama is president.

I agree about M's speech though.

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