Thursday, August 7, 2008


OK. Now I have seen them. Well, not them. One. A big rat. I think the thing that bothered me was that it was quite bold. Just ambled across the kitchen floor by the sink. Ambled is the verb. Not scurried. It wasn’t in a hurry. I’m not sure where the hole in the wall is – but I then heard its little tail whipping around and its paws clambering in the wall.

I’m not going to eradicate the rats or even catch them. I might not even complain about them. I’m living in a house in a poor neighborhood that is empty most of the time. It’s not surprising that it has rats. I did thump on the wall with a variety of kitchen implements. This at least quieted them down a little. I don’t think rats like to be bothered with noise. Who does?

I was thinking about the rats and my earlier notes about the garbage problem. This is the natural consequence. In fact, it’s remarkable that I haven’t seen more rats here. I saw some scurrying in the gutter in Sheki. I’ve seen one alive & one dead in Baku. In Baku, there are more cats. This might control the problem a little.

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