Monday, July 14, 2008

Moving from iWeb

I've never been one to gripe much about companies constantly updating software. But - I am annoyed that because the new Mac "iLife" product - which includes an update for the iWeb program - I can no longer publish my site. Oh, I can - if I buy the update - but I'm in Azerbaijan - and I don't think there's an Apple store in a thousand miles. So - I'm shifting to this format - to continue the blog I started back in December when I moved to Moscow.
I am now in Baku, Azerbaijan, more than six months into a year-long Knight International Journalism Fellowship. My fellowship involves teaching journalism in different regions of Azerbaijan. So far, I have presented training sessions in Ganca and Lenkoran. In two weeks, I go to Sheki.
Here are two entries that I would have published on my iWeb site - if I had been able. (At left is a photo of the Talysh Mountains, bordering Iran. I was staying in this area for the last two weeks.)